Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

The ISchool and ZeitgeistYounMind's Entry
Travis Allen came up with an awesome video called The ISchool Initiative. Mr. Allen suggested that all schools should use a device called an IPod Touch or an IPad for ISchool in their school systems to have a more advance education. He also believes that using ISchool can save the school system a lot of money by no longer using textbooks, copy machines, pencils, pens, paper and so much more. The IPod has all kind of apps that are educational and that will teach the students just as much as if it was taught the "old fashion" way and more. The IPod has different kinds of textbooks, notes; different varies of calculators, several History apps, and Math, Science, as well as English apps.
I really love the idea Travis has come up with. My alma mater will start using Mac computer in the 2013-2014 school years; and I think that is one on the best decisions they have made so far. This is a great movement and I just hope that all schools will enforce the idea.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir the video itself is very powerful. In this video he has people all across the world that never met one another but are performing like they have been together and practicing for months. The performance was well put together through via Internet and I think that is so cool. Technology is something wonderful. I am truly impressed. Anything is possible to accomplish no matter how far away someone is.

Teaching In The 21st Century In the video Teaching in the 21st Century its basically saying that children can receive whatever information whenever they want without the help of the teacher. As technology grows, society notices how teacher are no longer the main source of education. As teachers, we should help discipline the children on how to use the internet and to know the difference in-between entrainment and engagement. We need to prepare ourselves the best way we can on becoming the future teachers of America. With technology pushing its way more and more into the school the traditional teaching will slowly fade away.
Why I Flipped My Classroom
Flipping the Classroom 4th Grade STEM

Flipping the classroom is a great idea. It helps prepare the students for the upcoming work the next day. In classrooms it will be more teaching the work and answering any questions rather than lecturing the class and not having enough time to actual answer student questions. The questions I have are; What if a student does not watch the video? What if you have 50% of the class that has not watched the video? Will you have to start over or maybe even give them that option to watch the video in class? Just something to think about. Overall I think it’s an awesome idea.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog Post #4

Langwitches Podcasting with 1st Grade

Ms. Tolisano and her 1st grade class podcasting was very interesting. She based her podcast on two main characters Jack and Annie from a book called Vacation under the Volcano. Every student had partaken a part in the class podcast; little by little they got the podcast finished. As they tried over and over again until they finally got their sentences together they decided not to read off the script anymore. There are many different kinds of skills presented in this podcast post; listening, storytelling, voice acting, technology and so many more.
They did a wonderful job on their podcast. I applaud the teacher for a job well done with her students. I really like how she shared their accomplishments with the world, because not only is she being recognize for a job well done but her students are as well.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
The video provided many helpful information and also gives a better understanding of how it works. Mr. Dale did an excellent job with his students and getting them more interactive with technology as well as their school work. He also teaches them how to be creative and allows parents to be aware of what’s going on in school. Some more benefits are; it can offer distance learning opportunities for absent students, students can record role plays in character making their learning more memorable and a lot more exciting things.
I personally found this blog post to be one of my favorite post. Mr. Dale was so helpful. One thing I love is how, with podcast you can listen to it no matter where you are at. Its a great way to study and always have it fresh on a child mine.
If only schools took the time to use this technology, then maybe students grades will improve. I think that podcasts has the ability help the way students learn.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project #3-C4T Summary #1

Creating A Community Of Mathematicians

In Ms. Brokofsky post of September 23rd, she talks well upon the subject of Mathematicians. She comes well prepared for the month of September. Ms. Brokofsky states; "September…in teaching it is a month of new beginnings, many possibilities, new crayons and community building. September community building lays the foundation for learning in the classroom, develops relationships, establishes norms and provides an environment where learners can thrive.
She also says that in order for us to build a community of mathematicians, we first have to get them to understand "What does a mathematician do"? I really liked this post! She is a teacher that’s willing to help our future Mathematicians.

My comment to Ms. Brokofsky was explaining how I personally loved her post and found it so interesting. Also I applaud her on a job well done with being prepared and was eager to start the school year right. When students have a teacher that’s willing to help them be successful, that is when they are eager to learn the most.

The Role of the Instructional Leader in Technology Integration
On My second comment I choose to comment on Ms. Brokofsky post "The Role of the Instructional Leader in Technology". I absolute loved this post. Her post has so much knowledge. In Ms. Brokeofsky post she is explaining the importance of technology and how much we need technology in our school systems. However she is also saying that we need to dig deeper into technology and don’t always be a stranger to new things. As Ms. Brokeofsky said; “What is necessary in this exploration is for instructional leaders to gain an understanding of how the digital tool or technology works and an understanding of how those tools can support, enhance and transform learning for teachers and students. Instructional leadership in technology grows from personal experiences and technology and always be eager to find out new things.

My comment to this post was applauding Ms. Brokeofsky on a job well done. I was really feeling this post because; once a teacher gets technology of any kind into the schools the kids are more eager to learn. After a while kids get bored with the "Old Fashion" teaching and I believe will do a lot better once schools upgrade to the newest technology.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog Post #3

C4C Assignment
On my C4C Assignment I chose to comment on his/her page publicly because his/her post was well written with only a few minor mistakes. I see no reason with commenting privately when he/she has many errors in their post when a peer can just comment publicly with keeping it nice and simple.

Peer Editing
After watching What Is Peer Editing? I think it is very important to use complaints, suggestions, and corrections when peer editing a post. Most of all the best advice they gave in the video is to always stay postive no matter what. Being positive while peer editing a post is very important, as the video said "Rember you are helping to improve someone's writing, we would not like it if someone was telling you that you need to improve your writing in a hateful way". Always have an open ear when receiving criticism from our peers.
I really liked the Top 10 Mistakes video. It was a great way of showing childern what not to do while peer editing. With childern they take criticism in a personal way most of the time, so we as future teachers working with young kids have to be careful with that. We need to encourage our peers to write more and give positive feedback.

Technology in Special Education
The video Technology in Special Education is awesome! Technology is a wonderful thing. When we as teacher can have special education kids in our general education class is what I call a blessing. Both kids without disabilities and with disabilities can learn from each other. In the video we noticed that it was easier for the teacher to communicate with her students through technology. If technology helps improve grades and makes things a lot easier for the student as well as the teacher I see nothing wrong with having different kinds of technology in the classroom. As a future teacher i will use technology more in my classroom. I feel that my students might find school more interesting and eager to learn. Just when you think there is no hope for some kids technology proves us wrong.

How The Ipad Works with Academics for Autism
How the Ipad Works with Academics for Autism was a great video. The different kind of apps on the Ipad makes it easier for Autism kids to learn and provides positive feedback and motivates them. If thats what it take for a child to better themselves then i am all for it. It is overall i great video and very helpful for teacher as well as parents.

I Speak Words App is a great app to use in the classroom, and i think that i would improve learning a lot. It is an app where it helps you pronounce words, helps build your vocabulary, and helps you write letters. It’s a great app for beginners and special needed kids that have problems writing and pronouncing some words. I would use this app to help children with their writing skills and spelling skills.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Post #2

"Did You Know?"
I have watched a video on "Did You Know?" 3.0 By Dr Strange as well as "Did You Know?" by Karl Fisch and Scott McLead. Both videos are very outstanding. It helps a person understand how fast technology is changing, but just not in our society but all over the world. I honestly did not know that 25% of India population IQ's out number the entire population in the united states. I find that really interesting.
The facts that are put out within the two video is something each and everybody in this world should know. I feel like if you want to succeed in this day and time as well as the future, u will have to keep up with technology. In Karl Fisch video he mentioned that in today's society it is more text messages sent and received everyday that exceeds the total population in the plant, now that is powerful. A lot learned within these two videos
"Mr Winkle Wakes" Mr Winkle Wakes by Mathew Needleman was an excellent clip. I realized so much. It is just like some older people in our society today that is just not up to date on technology but still see the schools some what the same.
I feel like we should as educators keep the children up to date with technology. We should have more then just computers in our library's because before long society will have to use a computer and a lot more just to know the simple stuff. That was a powerful video and an eye opener as well.
"Sir Ken: The Importance of Creativity" This Video " The Importance of Creativity" is about Ken Robinson getting his point across about creativity is just as important in school systems just like all the other subjects. I agree with Ken a lot because there are some students that would rather dance their way through life then actually growing up to become a math teacher or English teacher and so much more.
Our future must be more creative. When more creativity is involve students become themselves more than what our society is trying to make them out to be. I am really starting to agree with him when he said college degrees are really starting not to mean as much as it use to. Right now it seems like our society is pushing education out the door. The harder a student tries the more it does not matter to some. Just let a person be great at who they are and the society should accept who they are no matter what field of education they want to succeed in.
A Day Made of Glass 2 A Day Made of Glass 2 is an awesome but yet scary video. It is kind of crazy how that might be our future if not our kids and grand-kids future. Its very interesting how technology will improve in such a matter to where we are using glass screens in the schools and hospitals. To me its kind of scary how she picked out an outfit without even having to go look for it. That was just taking technology a little to far. Nothing is wrong with being a little independent. I don't know about everything being operated that way but it does seem cool. Technology can harm you but it also can help you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Assignment #1

Hello Everyone! I am from Glen Clove NY and I moved to Frisco City Alabama in 2000. I just recently moved to Bay Minette and i will resign here until i get my Masters. I just graduated from Faulkner State Community College with my associates. I am attending the University of South Alabama because its close to home and also when i did my research on the school I found out that it was a pretty good school. I am currently going to school for my bachelors in Physical Education. I love to help and be around kids, but i also love and care about people health and try to encourage healthy living the best way i know how. I have a one year old daughter who i love to death. I love spending time with her, she is truly a bright light in my life. Besides being with my daughter my hobby is to read and watch sports. Randy Pausch on Time Management I have learned a lot from watching the video. I think taking notes of everything i have to do that day is very helpful. One quote that i will use from here on out is, "failing to plan is planing to fail". That quote is so powerful. i really have learned a lot in this video.